Monday, February 15, 2010

Golden Throne of Enlightenment

Monday, February 15, 2010
Heads of Mutts or traditional monasteries belonging to the Vedic Tradition are called Peetadipatis. All these heads or Peetadipatis sit on a traditional throne known as a Peeta. The Peeta or throne is usually called a simhasana (seat of the lion) and represents the mastery over ones emotions. The lion also symbolises the ability to lead others into liberation. There are thousands of such Peetas and Mutts spreading across the length and breadth of India whose leaders work tirelessly preserve the Vedic tradition and help millions to lead a life of health, wealth and fulfillment. Most of these thrones are made of wood. The wooden thrones are later covered either with a sheet of copper lacquer coated with golden paint or a sheet of pure silver for good appearance. Some examples of these beautiful Simhasanas are shown here. We restrict the number of examples due to lack of space!.

Even enlightened masters such as Sri Ramana Maharishi had their throne made during their lifetime. On the legs of the thrones the images of deities representing creation, preservation, rejuvenation, and illusion are carved intricately. The seat itself represents Enlightenment. Together they form the five actions of existence. In Vedic Tradition the Guru is above ALL these actions of existence and hence qualified to sit on the throne. Shown below is the throne of Sri Ramana Maharishi at the Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai (This implicitly indicates that Sri Ramana Maharishi has also created an institution to spread the knowledge of the Self). The throne is made of pure granite with great workmanship. There are also some closeup shots of the four legs of this beautiful Simhasana used by the great sage.

Sri Ramana Maharishi beautifully seated on his throne at Tiruvannamalai

A more closer look

Observe the deities representing creation, protection, rejuvenation, and illusion on the legs of this beautifully carved granite throne.

For the delight of the readers, BHAGAWAN Sri Ramana Maharishi seated on the majestic throne when He walked the planet. Observe that the seat is place at the same spot in the ashram. Notice the lions on the sides and the intricate lotus carving on the back.

Sringeri Sri Sarada Peetam

Sakatapuram Shankaracharya Peetam

Datta Peetam

Ahobila Mutt

Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam

Many a time when Sri Ramana Maharishi was alive, his disciples such as Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni and others would praise him and compare him with the Gods of the Vedic Tradition and hence fit for being seated on the ‘Throne of Enlightenment’. For example, in this beautiful verse, Ganapati Muni emphatically declares that Sri Ramana is Subrahmanya incarnate. Other times Sri Ramana is also described as the form of Dakshinamoorti.

yat-pürvam çruti-päradarçidhiñaëo

dvaipäyano’dhyäruhat paçcäd bodha-kalävidhütatimiraù


tat-sampratya-khilävané-talajuñäm äcäryasiàhäsanaà

deva tväm prativékñate naratano


yat - which, pürvam - before, çruti - Vedas, pära -

fullest extent, darçi - seeing, dhiñaëo - wise,

intellegent, dvaipäyano - Vyasa, adhyäruhat -

mounted, paçcäd - after, bodha - knowledge, kalä - a

single portion (one-sixteenth), vidhüta - dispelled,

timiraù - darkness, çaìkä - fear, apahaç - removing,

çaìkaraù - Sankara, tat - that, samprati - now, akhilä

- whole, avané - world, tala - surface, juñäm - suffering

in, äcärya - teacher, siàhäsanaà - lion’s throne (seat

of honor), deva O Lord!, tväm - you, prativékñate -

(it) awaits, naratano - embodied as man, gérväëa -

gods, senäpate - O army chief!

That Lion’s seat of honor (the seat seen in previous pictures) which was previously

mounted by the wise Vyasa, who saw the fullest extent

of the Vedas, was afterwards occupied by fear destroying

Sankara, who with a single portion of his

knowledge dispelled the darkness (of ignorance). Now

that throne of Acharya, (to save) those who are

suffering in the world awaits thee, O Lord embodied

as man, O Army Chief of the Gods (Skanda)!

The above verse also confirms that the great enlightened masters Sri Veda Vyasa and Sri Adi Shankara also sat on precious simhasanas (lion’s seat of honor) similar to the one used by Sri Ramana with different deities representing creation, preservation, rejuvenation, illusion and enlightenment on the legs of the simhasana (throne). The traditional picture of Sri Adi Shankara as shown below re-emphasises this wonderful tradition.

Sri Adi Shankaracharya seated on the Sarvagya Peetam


Friday, January 22, 2010

Current Summary – Qualifications of Anti-Guru

Friday, January 22, 2010
  1. Anti-Gurus have no REAL Background in the Hindu Tradition
  2. Anti-Gurus think they are saving the day.
  3. Anti-Gurus will NEVER tell what THEIR story IS
  4. Living Guru is a threat to the whims and fancies of an anti-guru. So many anti-gurus are 'HISTORY CENTRIC'
  5. Anti-Gurus will make you think that Advaita/the philosophy that the Gurus talk about is their EXPERIENCE


The Sameness Syndrome

Welcome back!
We will now enter into a very interesting topic. A key concept which anti-gurus use while undermining Gurus and their credibility. It is the 'sameness syndrome'.

Anti-Gurus will make you believe that Advaita is their experience

The 'sameness syndrome' occurs from the basic misunderstanding about certain concepts of Hinduism, especially 'Advaita Vedanta'. The anti-gurus' claim is that 'All are same. Nothing needs to be done. So why do we need Gurus?'. Later this translates into 'All are same but the Guru is saying that there is something called 'moksha' or 'enlightenment' and they are fooling us into becoming disciples to them so that they can make money'.

Seems very logical at first sight. Really damages any first time seeker's inspiration. To answer this question:

Firstly, a beautiful story from Sri Ramakrishna.

Once a Master told to his disciples: 'Everything that exists is Brahman i.e. ultimate reality'
One of the Masters' disciple literally took it.
Then one day as he was walking by on the street he heard a 'Mahut' a elephant herd shouting
'Run. Run. The elephant has gone out of control and its coming this way' .
Now there was a thought in the disciple's mind. 'The elephant is also Brahman. Therefore I don't have to move'
Now the Mahut's shouting became louder and louder... closer and closer. But the disciple didn't listen. He thought he has greatly understood the Master's words and didn't move an inch. He was firm.
A few minutes later the elephant threw the disciple out of its way with a swing of its trunk. The student broke several bones with multiple bruises and was taken to the doctor who somehow managed to save him. The Guru now came hurriedly to see how the disciple is doing. He was extremely worried.
The disciple was awake but with lot of pain. The Guru asked the disciple 'Why didn't move when the Mahut shouted?'. The disciple replied with a little smile 'Because you told me that everything is Brahman. The elephant is also Brahman . Isn't it?'.
The Guru shot back. 'The Mahut is also Brahman. Then why didn't you listen to him?'.
A wonderful story - that one. Now lets come back.

The wrong understanding of Advaita can be very dangerous when manipulated by unscruplous perpetuators who are on a mission to tarnish Gurus. Lets see how.
They will use the idea 'everything is same'. 'So you don't need a Guru to become enlightened'. But lets now put their idea to better use for them.

Take Two. Scene Two.

Expose-Antiguru with a plate of food in front. Anti-guru really hungry as it is well past meal time.
Expose-Antiguru: 'Well Anti-guru. Anyways everything is same. Whether the food is outside the body or food is inside the body everything is the same. So why should you eat? (Lets see the strength of understanding.)'
Anti-Guru: 'mm. mm.... ok.....ok....'
Expose-Antiguru: 'come on. lets do it'.
Anti-Guru: 'Its really amazing. Isn't it. Everything is same. Isn't it the pinnacle of all teachings?'
Expose-Antiguru: 'Yes. Truly it is. That's why you need to prove that you don't have to eat. After all '
Anti-Guru: 'You are depriving me of basic rights. I need food. You are a cult.'
Expose-Antiguru: 'But according to you everything is just Brahman. So why do you have to eat. Your parents have just tricked your mind saying that you need food'
Anti-Guru: 'O No. But I feel hunger in stomach'
Expose-Antiguru: 'mmm. But both Hunger and No Hunger are only Brahman. So there is no point is putting one Brahman into the other isn't it?'
Anti-Guru: 'No. No. You didn't understand what I'm saying?'
Expose-Antiguru: 'Really? We totally understand where you are coming from.' (Expose-Antiguru hands the plate of food to the Anti-Guru. Anti-Guru immediately starts eating fast.)
Anti-Guru: 'What I am saying is the Gurus are saying that you need them to become enlightened. But really you don't.'
Expose-Antiguru: 'And why is that?'
Anti-Guru: 'Because everything is just Brahman'.
Expose-Antiguru: 'So are you saying that you are really saving all of us with the truth'
Anti-Guru: 'Yes. Don't believe in Gurus'.
Expose-Antiguru: 'ok....we totally get it'

End of Scene.

Understand about Anti-Gurus. They will tell you something but when it comes to them, they will tell you something else.
They will give you some savior claims. It means they have 'framed it all'. They are indirectly claiming that they know what it is to be enlightened. They are indirectly claiming that they have had all experiences to disprove the experiences of the Gurus as something fake. They are indeed indirectly claiming that they are a GURU who is here to save you from fake Gurus. But this is a contradiction.
This contradiction is what comes out as nonsense on their blogs and webpages and that is why they are 'ANTI-GURU'
Carefully analyse: Who are these anti-gurus? What is in it for THEM? Apply the concepts of Anti-Guru on himself/herself. Then you will see the TRUTH .


Monday, January 18, 2010

Jody Radzik

Monday, January 18, 2010
One of the Anti-Guru who fits the bill perfectly (almost...he is not perfect even in this) is Jody Radzik. There are many blogs on his grandiose KARMA accumulation. His blog is 'Guruphiliac'.

The only thing he ever knows is 'Everything is same. Lets now talk about poop...'. Sorry readers. If you thought he knows how to say 'Vedanta', he doesn't. It sounds as though he just got out of diarrhea. Sounds logical because he accumulates so much karma that the Department of Water and Power in Southern California has marked him as 'hazardous' and 'smelly'.

Neither did he finish his 'Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies' at University. Will be interesting to find out how he got thrown out. Probably drugs as this website states.

He hardly spent anytime reading anything related to Hinduism but he criticizes it based on his hallucinations and insidious behavior. His mental setup is irrepairably imbalanced when you read his abusive posts.

One of the facts that this blog states is that he has a guru? Interesting. He would definitely fit the U-Turn proposition. Shame on him. What would have made him run away? mmm. May be he got afraid that girls are not coming near him and that he couldn't party.

We could understand clearly from this blog that he was upset and frustrated with his own Guru. In his short stay he only visited his Guru once a week. Can you believe that? A guy who parties all the time, often with underage girls, marijuana etc., doesn't know abc of Vedanta or Upanishads and doesn't live a proper Indian life trying to shit on Gurus? What a shame! And a few other Morons praise this. All bunch of a**h***s.

More blogs on him:

See why Jody isn't your friend
See why you shouldn't trust your kids with him.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

History Centric Hysteria

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quality No. 4

One of the profound qualities of an Anti-Guru is 'History Centeredness'. What do we mean by this. For a anti-guru the guru can only be 'in History' if at all there can be one. There are many organizations and individuals today who glorify the past at the expense of the present. I'm not saying something is wrong with glorifying the past. But lets be clear that the present is equally important.

Lets see what I mean. If for some reason we cease to have any history and all history is lost, then what happens to our tradition? ALL History centric ideas will cease to exist. Means, any divinity of any person will not be available to us. But our inner self will be available to us. Our strong understanding will be available to us. From the Eternal reality of our tradition the truth will be reclaimed back again because Truth is Eternal. This Truth is available to the common man only with the help of Living Gurus. The Truth is available only with people who have realized and attained oneness with that ultimate reality and are living it. In essence the Living Guru is the inevitable Truth and uniqueness of our tradition. But for the people who don't want to accept that there can be a Living Guru viz. the Moron anti living-gurus, for them nothing is left. They depend on a history. For them nothing else is a possibility.

And that is quite natural. If there is a Living Guru and you accept that he is a Living Guru, then its a huge problem of power! How can the moron surrender? because there is not an iota of surrender in him. If at all sometimes he acts as though he surrenders to something but later on when it doesn't work out he needs a way out. The way out is to shout badly about the Guru so that the anti-guru doesn't feel any guilt. Guilt is a huge thing. Whether the anti-guru knows about this or not is a different story.


He will never encourage it. Whatever good you say about the Guru, the anti-guru will always focus only on the negative points. Whatever it may be.

For example, there are a few people against the current Sathya Sai Baba for him sitting on a Golden Throne. They give this as the reason why they think he is not a Living Guru. This is just pure ignorance.

There are thousands of monastaries all over India where all the Gurus have Golden Throne. A special mention has to go to the Tiruvaaduthurai Adeenam ( I hope I spelt is right) throne. There the throne has more than 18 steps before the Guru can sit. In each step there is a huge collection of rare items from all over the world including tusk of the rhinocerous from Africa which was collected centuries ago to make this throne at that time. The king told the Guru 'Nothing except the rudraksha kandi and the sacred ash is fit enough to be on top of this throne. Everything else can be at the feet of the Guru'. The king had such a tremendous 'Bhakti' for the Guru. He made the throne better than even his own.

In fact recently somebody posed a question. 'Will Shirdi Sai Baba ever sit on a Golden Throne?'. Seems like Shirdi Sai Baba the great Enlightened Guru has answered the question Himself. He is now sitting on a Golden Throne in Shirdi just for the joy of millions of His devotees worldwide.

All that happens in Shirdi is with His wish. If you think not, then you are questioning the divinity of Shirdi Sai. It implies that the questioner doesn't understand that Shirdi Sai Himself is sitting to bless His devotees. It is then a definite contradiction.

Jai Sri Sai Ram!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coming to the next qualification of the 'Anti-Gurus' - self proclaimed as the 'Gurubusters'.


Most of these Moron Anti-Gurus never tell their story and who they are or what their background is. the Anti-Gurus are just 'HYPOCRITES'.

Gurus on the other side not only give consolation, they take the complete responsibility of what they say and do with their entire life at stake.

This seemingly less important point about Anti-Gurus is one of the most important ones to note because their cunningness and baselessness will be exposed when this happens. The real reason for all their hatred will come to light. It will not be long before the lion wakes up to destroy it completely.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Second Qualification

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Hello and welcome again!

Today is a beautiful day. Lets check out the second in the list of qualifications that I think anti-gurus share.

Anti-Gurus always think they are saving the day and helping people but end up accumulating Karma

In my opinion this is the most sad part of this pattern of thinking. This I think is the main reason why one goes to the extent of doing things against the Gurus. That people think they want to 'SAVE THE WORLD' whether it is against one Guru (in which case the person thinks that others should know about my "bad" experience and not go to him / the Guru should get punished for causing my suffering) or against many Gurus in which case it is just a sinister attack and the person thinks "Ooo. I just think the world is suffering because of these Gurus. So let me save the world". This would be the first case according to me.

The other case is when the person thinks. 'Its just neither. I just want to say out loud what I think'. These are the two cases that I can think of.

The first case (with the two subcases) easily point to the fact that these anti-gurus 'saving the world' makes them accept that they themselves want Gurudom and end up having one subconsciously'. As we saw 'Saving the world' is the Guru's job! and these narcissist anti-gurus' very claim is that they don't believe in that. Well, even a baby can come to the obvious conclusion. A Guru is a Guru who tries the best to save the world. anti-gurus just criticize and does damage to the true seekers.


It is a huge poisoning of Dharma in my humble opinion. Their souls experience the 'Naraka' (hell) above the 'Garbhodaka' ocean.

First Naraka: There is a special mention of 'Asipathira' where the person who goes against the practise of dharma is tortured by devils by being ripped of each body part!. I wouldn't want even for an anti-guru.

More Narakas (hells) to come...